Find Property

fining a homeAs your buyer’s agent

I promise to;

• Match your needs, wants and desires (existing
homes/new construction) or investment properties.
• show you properties best suited to your criteria
regardless of the listing company.
• For clients interested in purchasing investment
properties we can assist you in estimating (the first year
benefit of the investment (not a substitute for legal
or tax advice).

About Me


Fred Tichauer

I consider myself a successful Real Estate Wealth Advisor with over 35 years of personal and professional real estate investing experience in the Metro area. Nothing can take the place of experience, so you can feel confident in knowing I personally am an active investor who owns numerous rental units and has experience in flipping properties.

Sell Property

House for saleAs Your Listing Agent,

I will…

• Share facts and expertise about the market place
to help you determine the best price to list your
property and negotiate the best terms.
• Counsel you on improvements you can make to
prepare your property for sale.
• Communicate with you on a regular basis about
the activity of your property

Real Estate Wealth Advisor with over 35 years of personal and professional real estate investing experience!

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